Rice Badminton

Unconventional Deltoids and Triceps


2016 Officers:

President: Li Yang, ly21@rice.edu

Vice-President: Esther Lee, ejleeml@gmail.com

Faculty sponsor: Peng He, ph21@rice.edu


2015 Officers:

President: Lily Wen, lwen2027@gmail.com

Vice-President: Esther Lee, ejleeml@gmail.com

Treasurer: Nate Lin, csjiuun@gmail.com

Faculty sponsor: Rajind Mendis, rajind@rice.edu


2014 Officers:

President: Nate Lin, csjiuun@gmail.com

Vice-President: Daniel Du, dd13@rice.edu

Treasurer: Lily Wen, lwen2027@gmail.com

Faculty sponsor: Rajind Mendis, rajind@rice.edu


2013 Officers:

President: Daniel Du, dd13@rice.edu

Vice-President: Tzu-Lin Sun, ts14@rice.edu

Treasurer: Nate Lin, csjiuun@gmail.com

Faculty sponsor: Rajind Mendis, rajind@rice.edu


Nicholas Schafer, Abdelrahman Nimeri, Chih-Wei Chen


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