Rice Badminton

Unconventional Deltoids and Triceps


Our club takes both Rice members and non-Rice members. Here are rules that apply to every member.

1. Every member needs to sign a participation agreement before playing for the first time. Anyone who fails to sign the agreement within 1 month after admission will be considered as quitting.

2. Non-Rice members also have to pay membership fee to the club every semester before semester starts. This will cover access to East gym, where we have activities on Mondays and Thursdays, but will NOT cover access to Rec Center, where we have activities on Saturdays. The membership fee is to match the Rec center membership fee that Rice members have paid.

3. University policy requires that non-Rice members cannot be more that Rice members.

4. Non-Rice members cannot play any intercollegiate tournament for Rice.

5. Members are only authorized to use facilities in the East Gym. Using facilities other than those in East gym will lead to warning from officers. Cumulative warnings may lead to membership revocation.

6. Inactive member who does not show up for a month will also get membership revoked. However, going back to home country may be excusable for international students.



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