Rice Badminton

Unconventional Deltoids and Triceps

Texas Intercollegiate Badminton Tournament

We had our first Texas Intercollegiate Badminton Tournament on April 20th, 2014. Four universities were involved, including Rice, UH, BCM and TAMU. Renowned players Nick from Rice, AK from UH and Mario from Baylor had a scrimmage afterwards. Rice won first place for Men’s Doubles (Daniel/Nate), Women’s Singles (Marion), and Mixed Doubles (Nick/Lily) and therefore got the total championship of this tournament. BCM won second place for the entire tournament.


Daniel and Nate

Daniel and Nate

Badminton-9220 Badminton-9213 Badminton-9188 Badminton-9186

Wonderful smash by Sun

Wonderful smash by Sun

Badminton-9154 Badminton-9153 Badminton-9115 Badminton-9037 Badminton-9028 Badminton-9005 Badminton-8856 Badminton-8852

Great play Nick and Lily

Great play Nick and Lily

Badminton-8835 Badminton-8833 Badminton-8825


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